My favorite dining experiences are initiated with the amuse-bouche: a delicious morsel that begins a meal and is prepared by the chef to highlight and illuminate her cuisine, all in one bite. It is considered to be a token of gratitude from the chef that you're putting your palate in her capable hands. Amuse-bouche literally translates to "entertain the mouth."

To me, the mug is the potter's amuse bouche. When I buy other potter's work, it is usually the mug that I look at first. It is the summation of both our skills and our aesthetic in one morsel. 

When I was asked as a new potter what my goal is, I would say that it is to make a person's favorite mug. I invite you to use this vessel to begin your day. Every single detail is thought out. I continually consider the shape of the body, the slope of the lip. The inner corners. The bottom. And the handle - especially the handle. 

And although the vast amount of a potter's time is spent alone in the studio, I would never say that I am self taught. I have had several incredibly talented potters as teachers who generously (and patiently) shared their knowledge and expertise with me. 

If you have one of my mugs, thank you. I am honored to help you get your day off to a great start. 

The mugs above are stoneware, fired in oxidation to cone 5-6, made in 2017-2019.

copyright 2019 Melissa Harris